Items can be looked up and placed in the cart or purchased, through the menu points 6Online catalogue/Price lists& or 6Stocklists& left in the navigator. After closing your order please fill in your address, Email, etc. and send out the order. Shortly after you will receive an Email with all relevant details for the payment, as well as a comprehensive list of the items you have ordered.

You can also choose to save this form on your computer for a later order. Just click on the corresponding icons. The data will then be stored on your computer and not in our system!

Your shopping cart may contain a maximum of 30 items. If you want to order more items, you need to close the first one (order) and open a second, third ( shopping cart.

All shopping carts can be paid in one payment, and send in one single order. You also have the possibility of spreading your orders over about 3 weeks. You will in this case automatically receive twice a week a listing with all the positions not yet paid so you can keep an overview.

Reaching a shipment discount is not linked to single item, but depends of the grand total of all orders listed for one shipment. For deliveries under 5 - EUR, we charge an additional processing fee of 1 - €.


All payments are to be made in advance. You will receive an Email with all details for payment, after you have sent us your order. Please make the payment by bank transfer on the mentioned account number.

For those countries not pertaining to the Euro Zone, or those in which the banks request high dues for banktransfers (e.g. Switzerland), Paypal payments are accepted. You will receive all information by Email with the invoice.

All additional charges linked with the payment (e.g. PAYPAL) will be charged to the buyer. PAYPAL commissions vary between 0.35€ and 0.95€ per transaction, or between 3% and 7% of he total amount, this can even increase with low price items in comparison with the total value. It might therefore be worthwhile to send money by letter for purchases below 5€ value.

Online SEPA payments are free within Germany as in many other Euro countries, depending on the bank. There are also some banks in Switzerland which offer this service too. It is worth asking your bank and save money. PAYPAL is expensive and the system is not as secured as the online banking with code generator.


Shipment is made within 3 to 5 days after payment has been cleared. We usually ship twice a week (Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday). In weeks with a Bavarian holiday, or after a yearly quarter we only send once a week. In the case you request an urgent delivery, please contact us and we will try to meet your request at our best.

For as long as your order has not yet been prepared for delivery, you can still access and review the order form by using the order number we sent by Email. You just need to our online catalogue and type in the number as search query.

Shipping costs

Shipping is free of charge for mail within Germany for all purchases of 25€ and more, and for other countries from 100€ purchase value onwards. Below these amounts domestic shipments cost between 1 and 2€ (Cover size A6=1.0€ A4/A5=2.0€) and foreign shipments between 3.5 and-7.5 Euro (Cover size A6=3.5€/6.0€ A4/A5 = 6.0€/7.5€), depending on the volume and the value.

Shipments of Paypal purchased items will only be made through registered/ensured letter. Returning customers may also have the option of requesting a standard shipment (1.50€ - but not for Paypal paid items).

For all orders with a value of less than 5€ an additional handling charge of 1€ will be added, this is also declared in the invoice. By spreading your orders over 3-4 weeks you can avoid paying this supplement.

Parcels within Germany cost 6 Euro, parcels within the EEC cost between 25 and 50 Euro depending on weight and value. For parcels outside of the EEC, please make enquiries with us before ordering as prices may vary strongly due to national peculiarities.


Please consult the icon &Returns8 on the left of the navigator.