Your advantages with a registration:

The registration is not binding and can be dissolved at any moment. The use of the ordering functions on my website also works after the registration, without any password or login!

By registering you immediately qualify for a permanent discount of 10% from purchases of 50€ value onwards, meaning you can deduce these 10% from the purchased amount off the invoice that you receive with every order confirmation.

Alternatively, you always have the option, to use the following coupon codes in the direct order form:

By orders from 50 Euro, the 5,00 Euro coupon (code=GS050)
By orders from 75 Euro, the 7,50 Euro coupon (code=GS075)
By orders from 100 Euro, the 10,00 Euro coupon (code=GS100)
By orders from 150 Euro, the 15,00 Euro coupon (code=GS150)
By orders from 200 Euro, the 20,00 Euro coupon (code=GS200)

This is only valid for orders placed directly through my website. Per order only one voucher can always be redeemed.

Here you can call now the registration form.