To look in our compleed offers use in the general catalog (second point left in the navigator). In the catalog, select the desired area from the selection boxes, then enter the Michel catalog number and click on search. If you do not want to specify exactly which Michel number (example 6a), you can instead use an asterisk (example 6*), then all the colors / types and so on will be found. In the catalog you can view by driving over the preview image with the mouse a magnified image plus a short text. Of course you can also use any keywords. If you have selected an collectiong area above, this is considered in the search for a term, as well as all other selected search options at this time. You can easily place your order. Password or login is not necessary for ordering through our online catalog.

If a filled basket windows have accidentally closed again, click on the point "Online Catalog" above in the menu. As next step, click on general-catalog left in the menu. To open the basket now click on the button "open shopping-cart" under the search input field. If you have placed an item in the shopping-cart you can continue shopping by clicking on the tab or in the window with the catalog.