The stock lists are numbered according to the MICHEL Catalogue, one number per line. This makes things easier. As soon as the pointer runs over the number a picture and a brief description of the item will appear. Do not be afraid to lay some items in the basket, you can always delete them whenever you want.

Most of my items can be accessed through the stock lists. Not all available items are listed in my stock lists, especially special items and smaller areas are not listed.

Use the Online Catalogue to find additional items (first icon left of the navigator), this is where a picture can be seen. Choose the area first (tic a box) and then type in the MICHEL catalogue numberand click on 6Search&. If you do not want to specify a detailed MICHEL number (e.g. 6a), just list the figure 6 followed by * and all numbers with a 6 (colours/types) will appear. By scrolling over the numbers, pictures will also appear.

If you would like a special list not in our offerings, please contact us and we will see what we can do for you.

If a filled basket windows have accidentally closed again, click on the point "Online Catalog" above in the menu. As next step, click on general-catalog left in the menu. To open the basket now click on the button "open shopping-cart" under the search input field. If you have placed an item in the shopping-cart you can continue shopping by clicking on the tab or in the window with the catalog.